Sunday, September 7, 2008

Catching Up

Hi guuuuuys

So it's been a bloody long time since our last post, and that's mainly becasue TOAS has STILL not provided us with the blessings of an internet connection, something which many third world countries are now fully capable of achieving. welcome to TOAS, worst landlords in the history of housing. worse than Sciennes. unbelieveable, right?

so what have we been up to...well, i forgot to write in my diary all week so that is indeed a question. Well, last saturday I went to a Ska gig to watch some Finnish Ska Punk (who were fairly terrible and dressed like This Is England...taste of home) and a band called the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, who were actually all pretty amazing with a great sax player as the front man. im thinking of learning the drums when i get home, if i can afford it...why not. bloody cool instrument, jazz drums.
so, since then, we sauna'd (again) and i got really high off the hot/cold thing this time which was and nick have played a lot of basketball at the gym, and i've been trying to exercise, but we have a lot of work on, and its only going to get worse..! socialising after gym from here on i think.
ok so then we...went to helsinki, which was a bit of a let down, but me a kathrin stayed behind after everyone had gone and watched a Finnish big band which was cool, then we went home late...we had a whole bunch of lectures from different courses which are getting more interesting now (except for non-linear scriptwriting which is boring...), we've been out a couple of times to the worst club ever (which nick forced me into and cost me 7€ last night, i am NOT happy about that). last night we went to an island on the lakes, and there was a big fire we cooked sausages in and a big band playing and we got drunk. it was really surreal but really good! that seems to be the name of the game around here.
Kat's scored us tickets in Helsinki to watch German play Finland on wednesday, im going to Tallin in Estonia next weekend then we have four days in a cottage in Laplap the next weekend. Im burning through money at the moment but after next week, the only big expenditure for a while will be going to Stockholm, which we'll be doing in October, and fuck it my student loan came in so i may as well spend it eh? screw it. its all gotta get paid back anyway.

sorry for the essay, ill try and post more regularly from now on so you dont have to spend an hour reading what is essentially a bulletpoint list of what we've spent someone elses money on...! will keep you updated.
miss everyone at home very much, hope youre all taking care of yourselves and each other!

hopefully will be posting some production photos of our entry for the 'My Tampere' film competition up soon, but the deadline is immediately after our trip to lapland, meaning we basically ahve to finish it by the end of this week...aaargh! so dont hold your breath.


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