Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sorry for the delay...1

Ok, so firstly i should apologise for it taking so long to write the blog....there's been so much going on that I haven't really had a chance. Where to begin..

...i think the last time anything got mentioned was just before I went to Tallin and Annie cam to visit Nick. Weekend before last I went off to Tallin in Estonia with the majority of the group, partly to be touristy and partly for a booze cruise for Lapland. Also, Jono Dave and Vlad were in Riga (Latvia) so they came up to visit. The ferry was pleasant, but very very cold, and we had to get up really really early to go...well, earlier than Im happy with on a Saturday anyway.
It's been a long time since i've stayed in a proper hostel, and getting in as always was quite funny, if slightly shambolic. So then we started walking around, and after spending a HIDEOUS amount of money on phonecalls to Vlad, then Nick because Jono's number wasn't working and I needed Vlad's Latvian number....etc......who should I be walking behind but the very men themselves. So we said our hellos and parted from the rest of the IMPs, who went to McDonalds to eat. No thanks. So Vlad's Estonian mate Grete took us to a supermarket, we bought some cheaper nicer more Estonian food and went to a park and ate. Then we went to the art gallery, where Grete blagged us in for free, then we went to some crazy outdoor concert place....then we went to the pub. Beer, by the way, is much cheaper in Estonia in pubs and supermarkets, but vodka is almost the same.
Anywho, we also met Jaak, an Estonian guy from Grete's art college who was going to study in Edinburgh for the semester, so we started drinking with him (good guy). Then, after we were already pretty drunk, we went to go and watch some "audio visual festival" in a church, which turned out to be some of the worst animations youve ever seen. SO that was weird. Then after that we went to one of the strangest bars I've ever been in, which you needed an electrical keycard to get in (thanks Jaak) and it turned out to be pretty much somebody's hollowed out flat which theyd turned into a bar. Dave got shouted at for leaving the toilet door open by accident. funny.
So anyway we got really drunk then the lads had to leave to get the last bus back to Riga which was a bit shit, as time just seemed to fly by. But it was really nice to see them, and was a good relief to have a little taste of back home in seeing them, even if it was a completely random place to meet them.
So then I went drinking with Jaak and we went to like 5 bars before I thought it was time to go and find the rest of my group, so I smartly went wandering around Tallin by myself off my face. Then by some miraculous coincidence Kathrin walks round the corner saying she was just coming to find me... so we went to where everyone else was, which was literally the worst bar I have ever seen, populated by what appeared to be the entire Eastern Block, looking very hard and angry and listening to the worst trance you could imagine. So once again I stumbled away, took some dark alleys wondering where they would lead and, incredibly, ended up back at the hostel. It was at this point that the fact that Kathrin had given me her postbox key from Tampere, instead of the key to the hostel, seemed a lot less funny than it did the morning after. Anywho, once again by coincidence Dirk and Franzi walked around the corner in my hour of need. So all was well.
Next day, basically, bought a shitload of beer and came home. absolutely knackered.

so that was Tallin. photos below. during the week (well, monday tuesday) i had a bit of work to catch up on, so that was pretty busy. haven't been out in tampere for a couple of weeks actually! work work work.

Also, I've decided to attempt to finish the Mr Hudson video that I started but got bored with earlier in the year. I think it's a good opportunity, plus, itll let me get some more 'alone time' - working with 18 people the whole time can be quite tiring. So itll give me a chance to bugger off and do my own thing instead of killing time watching cartoons or whatever.

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