Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Production Photos

There's far too much for me to get through in terms of news, so I'll give the bulletpoints - I went to Tallin and met up with Jono and Dave and Vlad and Annie came out and visited Nick. Been having lots of fun, have been preparing for trip to Lapland which we leave on overnight train on in....5 hours.
Will post a proper blog if I get time before we leave, main reason for this was to post some production photos from A Truly British Guide to Tampere, the short me and Nick are working on for the My Tampere competition, the deadline for which is next week. All going well, just into doing the sound and editing the bits and bobs together now - working on two different computers is a pain in the arse but me and Nick will work it alllll out. Film's in the style of an old school information film, but with a moderny animation thing working for us. the images are a bit square but thats a pixel looks fine as a film. hope to upload it soon as.
Enjoy, hope you're doing well.

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