Saturday, August 30, 2008

international scrabble

these are just a few photos we took in the last few days, i've finally fixed the problem with my pc that lets me add photos on here, but left my camera upstairs so still haven't added the sauna photos yet. i will do this evening.

so these photos basically prove not to try and take scrabble with international students seriously (as i found out to my cost) and pretty much the same with playing Molkky (i'm not sure if that's how you spell it....)

also we took a couple of photos when magnus said goodbye to us as he went back to norway. so we gun-bolted, which has ceremonially been renamed "Thor's Hammer". brilliant. anyway, just doing a bit of work today or whatever...we're in school a fair bit during the week so we can kinda do what we want with our weekends. went out last night (wasn't drinking, but still enjoy a dance to some rubbish music) but yeah. hope everyone's ok!



Anonymous said...

hey, don't mess with the moonman^^

suebickley said...

Blimey...if I'd ever tried to get you to play Scrabble......!
Just back from second Whits visit. Gorgeous weather, wonderful light in the evening. Yesterday was hopfest in Faversham...basically a beer fest...very crowded but not so crowded that one couldn't hold a pint of Shepherds Neame! We now have a from G and P and it looks more like home. Off to Cardiff tomorrow. Will contact from there. Be good! Much love Ma X