Sunday, August 24, 2008

For your viewing pleasure...

Photos taken on our first couple of days in Tampere. The night ones were taken on a jetty on the Northernmost lake, the other one by a lake was taken during the day by the Southern lake and the other photo is of Tampere from an observation point in between the two.
Saturday night we just chilled out, went to a party, met a guy from Thorton Heath called Isaac who's studying here for a year and then went to a bar and chilled out some more.
Keepis! (cheers)

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suebickley said...

great to hear from glad roommate turns out to be ok!
we just had our summer hols...3 days in whits and it was lovely. have bed and not much else but hey! all cool. fab photos. keep sending. try and be sober every now and then!
Love M.XX