Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dan -> Last couple of days have been quite good. we registered at college with Cai, our course leader, who's a pretty good guy. We then saw some examples of other IMP groups from previous years, and the work standard is pretty high, particularly in the technical side of things. the actual short films are very art-student short filmy, but technically and scriptwise they're pretty good, so we have a lot to live up to. and the DVD production is really good as well...looks like we're going to have to learn pretty quickly.
we then went and learnt Molkky, the 'finnish national sport' - it's basically like boule (bowls) but before they invented the wheel - you get a sausage-shaped piece of wood to throw. it's really fun though, and we played it with Cai for a couple hours. in the evening we went to an irish pub and i got a win stolen from my grasp twice by a fluckey norwegian, who's actually leaving our group to go back in favour of studying in australia next year. fair enough, and it means we get to visit him before we come home.

Today, we went to Finish sauna, but not just any sauna, as this one was hotter than the usual apparently and was right next to a freezing cold lake...so you go in the sauna, you take a dip, you go back in, you swim, you go back in..etc. and we continued this for 2 hours. it was the most relaxing thing i think i've ever done, incredible, and hopefully we're going to make it a regular thing. we actually got taken there by two of our other tutors for the year Tomi and Petteri, who are a really good laugh and a few of us went for a pint with Petteri and some chinese after as we were too chilled out to cook. then we chilled out with the boys and before we knew it it was late,...so we thought we'd post some pictures up. stay tuned for our first animated entry, we're going to start on it this weekend. moi moi!

p.s i went a bit mental today trying to sort out bank stuff and rent....life's too short to worry about it i conclude. lets have another sauna.

Pics not loading so will upload them tomorrow.

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