Sunday, October 19, 2008

another blog

so, it's been a while since we blogged again. so....first things first..


so we won €500 each, which is a bit of a result, although there's been no word from the MindTrek people about how and when we're going to get it...! but yes. that was a bit of a result about that. the two-day conference was pretty fun, we got really really nice free food for two days, and on the night in between there was a party which involved an open bar and free food. so that was very, very drunken and fun.

so we finished our workshop with Chris Hales on interactive film, which was pretty interesting. we can't post it on the internet as it needs a microphone to work but we'll show you one day.

and then it was time for our trip to stockholm, which was really fun. the ferry on the way was pretty...drunken. nine and a half hours of nothing means there's pretty much nothing else to do. although we did watch a whole bunch of old people dancing.
so we got into Stockholm at 6.30 wednesday morning, exhausted and hungover. but we watched the sunrise from the dock which was nice. the short version of our trip there was that we saw lot of the architecture, which is amazing, and saw the modern art museum (which had a really good max ernst exhibition on) and just generally chilled out. we met a really nice bunch of people, some girls from new zealand and canada, a dude from canada and went out a whole bunch. its pretty expensive to do pretty much anything in stockholm, especially drink, but still we had a god few drinks and just generally a good time. so....yes. one day maybe i'll pluck up the energy to write a full report on what's going on, but seeing as we'll have to re-tell everything we did when we got home anyway, youll all manage, im sure.

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